Keeping Yakima Green Since 1881

Our purpose is to provide excellent customer service and efficient irrigation water delivery to our customers at an economical rate.

NCCA IS A NON-PROFIT Corporation established for the purpose of maintaining canals and pipelines that deliver irrigation water throughout our Service Area. NCCA holds all Water Units (shares) for our Service Area in trust to be utilized for property maintenance according to the Water Rights of each Member Property. The NCCA system is gravity flow, consisting of open canals and underground pipes.

THE IRRIGATION WATER SEASON runs from approximately April 1st through October 15th each year. Member properties to the NCCA system are obligated to pay an Annual Assessment for maintenance of canal and delivery system of irrigation water to their property. Annual Assessments are due and payable regardless of irrigation water use. NCCA evaluates the maintenance needs of our system annually and sets the Assessment Rate for the year based on that need. NCCA is not profit driven.

  • Providing irrigation water from 40th Avenue east to I-82

  • Member properties in the Naches Cowiche Canal Association receive irrigation water service which creates an Appurtenance on the property for irrigation water delivery and maintenance of the NCCA canal system.
  • This Appurtenance runs with the land, from owner to owner.
  • Water Rights cannot be surrendered, vacated or sold separately from the subject property as per the NCCA Articles and Bylaws.

Meet The Team

Meet the staff that keep the irrigation water flowing to homes and businesses in Yakima.

Dan Butler

Canal Manager

Charles Butler

Assistant Canal Manager

Judy Caton


Canal Maintenance Team

NCCA maintains a Canal Maintenance crew of 4 full time members plus our Canal Manager, Dan Butler and Assistant Manager, Charles Butler and Office Administrator, Judy Caton. From time to time we will also bring in temporary staff to help with projects or seasonal activity.

(l to r) Kody Adams, Justin Reynolds, Cooper Boyer, Ben Butler

Employment Information

Board of Trustees

President – Dave Purcell
Vice President – TBD
Director – David Brown
Director – Rich Alderson
Director – Mike Price

While the Board of Trustees endeavors to meet a minimum of once every Quarter, meetings are called at the discretion of the President. Once called, board meeting date will be published on our Home page.

NCCA Bylaws

General Membership Meetings

A General Membership meeting is held every January (Actual date is published once determined) The meetings in 2021 and 2022 have been canceled due to Covid-19 considerations. In place of these General Membership meetings, we have issued a newsletter with the Annual Assessment Invoices. Ballot postcards are included that still provide members with an opportunity to participate in Board of Trustee elections.

Please contact us of you have any issues that you would like to bring before the Board. We are always happy to hear from our members.


NCCA is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Applicants should have a mechanical aptitude and be familiar with proper and safe use of hand tools (experience on equipment is a plus), must be able to lift 80 pounds on a consistent basis, be able to take direction and be prepared to work outside in all weather conditions. Applicants must be willing to work on-call shifts during season and extended hours from time to time. A clean driving record is required and a drug and alcohol policy is in effect. Applicants must have verifiable work history and work references.

Compensation is depending on experience and includes medical, SIMPLE IRA, holiday, vacation and sick leave benefits after 1 year.

There are NO OPENINGS at this time. Please check back.

If you are interested in working with us, we are happy to receive your application and hold it on file. Please complete and email the form to, mail it, or bring it by the NCCA office.

Thank You for your interest in joining NCCA!

History of Naches Cowiche Canal Association (NCCA)

The Minute Books of the Naches Cowiche Canal Association are filled with documented history of the installations, changes and improvements to the canal system and the land that is now located between 40th Ave east to Interstate-82 transitioned from rural farms and orchards into residential lots. Some of the highlights are represented below…

The oldest written evidence of the company is a receipt of Articles of Incorporation from Natchez & Cowyche Ditch Company in the files of the Company by the Secretary of the Washington Territory dated January 10, 1881 at Olympia Washington. On June 1st of 1881, a similar receipt by the Secretary of the Territory acknowledges receipt of Amended Articles of Incorporation which were then acknowledged for authenticity by the Secretary of the State of Washington under his hand, seal, and date of June 2, 1897. Articles of Incorporation were then ‘supposedly’ filed with the Prosser County Auditor on April 4, 1888 which appropriated irrigation water from the Natchez River and Cowyche Creek in an amount not to exceed 100,000 inches (2,500 cfs) “to, over and upon any lands in the Ahtanum Valley” (A bold undertaking!) These Articles were certified and recorded by the Territorial Secretary of Washington Territory on the same date.

The First Annual Stockholders Meeting was held October 7, 1888 for the purpose of electing officers. The original 160 shares were increased to 240 shares with a value of $50.00 each. The Annual Assessment was set at $22.00 per share. Bids were considered to enlarge “over 4 miles but less than 5 miles” of the canal.

The Trustees Meeting minutes of June 15, 1901 indicate the Trustees were much concerned with establishing legal right of way of sufficient width to service the canal. Minutes record that Mr. Tom Nelson was paid $50.00 “in consideration that Nelson give a deed of a right-of-way 10 feet on the right side of center and 22 feet on the left side”.

Through Special Stockholders Meetings held November 18, 1905, December 16, 1905 and January 6, 1906 it was decided that the President and Secretary were authorized to sign an agreement with the United States to a withdrawal of water from the headgate on the Natchez River in the amount of 40 cfs from April 1st through September 1st, 29 cfs to October 1st and 20 cfs to November 1st.

In 1910 piping for all of the Company’s canal system cost $85,000 for wood stave pipe and $120,000 for concrete pipe.

In 1915 the Company took over ownership of the Lince Lateral which included a wasteway into Wide Hollow Creek at the end of the Lateral.

By 1917 the main canal structure was experiencing breaks. Reinforced concrete was utilized for repairs. The cost of $1.15 per lineal foot for the initial 1.5 miles where most breaks occurred, was covered by a special assessment of $36.00 per share. When the contractor was dismissed for unsatisfactory work, day labor was used to complete the work. There were still issues of seepage along 7,000 feet of the canal that was causing damage to adjacent properties. In 1919, another special assessment of $75.00 per share was approved to finance the lining of this section of the canal with vitrified salt-glazed clay tile 9 feet in semi-circumference. The project was completed by May 1920. In 1921, another 240 feet of canal was lined and in 1929 3,200 feet of canal downstream from the headgate of Cowiche Creek to the intersection of the State Hiway (now Powerhouse Road) was also lined at a cost of $2.43 per foot. In 1930, in agreement with the City of Yakima, relative to a street improvement project they were doing in the area of Park Ave, Summitview Ave and Yakima Ave, another 474 feet was lined with reinforced concrete at a rate of $2.50 per lineal foot.

In 1922 the siphon under Cowiche Creek had been completed. In 1934 the Secretary and President were authorized by the Board of Trustees to borrow $5,000 to pay the Company’s share of the cost of a dam across the Naches River. Articles of Re-Incorporation were drafted to change the name of the Company to “The Naches and Cowiche Ditch Company”.

In 1924, permission was granted by the State of Washington for the permanent location of the Company to be in the vicinity of Painted Rocks (present location) The Company was granted a Quit Claim Deed from Lloyd and Sophia Garretson for a strip of land 30 feet wide at no cost to the Company. Also in 1924 shares began being recorded in decimals instead of fractions previously used.

In 1935 a fish screen was installed at the Naches River intake by the State Fisheries Department at a cost of $103.00. “The Naches & Cowiche Ditch Company” became “The Naches & Cowiche Canal Company” by resolution and recording of Articles of Amendment in 1936 that included “…the existence of this Corporation shall be perpetual”.

In 1950s there were several incidents of collapsed concrete ditch coverings placed by other people. Legal suits were brought against the Company, which was exonerated but at a defense cost of just under $500. Reinforced concrete was still the lining of choice. By 1955 the cost was $7.35 per lineal foot. In 1957, irrigation water stock was offered at $800 per share.

In 1959 a landslide caused major damage to the section of the Company’s canal between Fechter Road and River Road. It was caused by an overflow of the Yakima Valley Canal Company canal. The Company brought legal suit against Yakima Valley Canal Company and $5,900 of permanent improvements were made to the damaged section.

In 1961 rehabilitation of the diversion dam on the Naches River was necessary, the cost of which would be shared equally with City of Yakima. Total cost of the job was $25,142. By 1968, the cost of reinforced concrete lining was at $20.90 per lineal foot and in 1969 jumped to $22.00 per lineal foot. Reinforced concrete was used as the primary fix until mid 1990’s. With industry advancements, we began using HDPE and Hand Core pipe for repairs and replacement of failing canal sections in 2000’s. Where concrete eventually deteriorates, these new materials are permanent structure.

The Company purchased its present headquarters location on West Powerhouse Road in 2005 and constructed a shop and office in 2019. Also in 2019 a merger was completed with Old Union and New Schanno lines. 2020 saw the completion of the long running legal proceeding that changed the calculation of share determinations. The term “share” became obsolete and was replaced with “unit”. Prior to the completion of State v Acquavella, one irrigation water unit equaled 10 acres. Now one unit is calculated to equal 5.4 acres. In 2021 “Naches & Cowiche Canal Company” became “Naches Cowiche Canal Association” with the filing of Amended Articles of Incorporation. The dam in the Naches River is being taken out, replaced with an alternative diversion system that will provide more efficient access for fish and recreational use.

Today Naches Cowiche Canal Association employs a 6-member Maintenance Team to provide efficient irrigation water delivery to our members.