Getting Hooked Up to NCCA Water

Interested in receiving your irrigation water from Naches Cowiche Canal Association?  Please complete and submit the Disclosure Form and we will be in touch once we have determined that your property is in our Service Area.

A One-Time-Only Hookup and Administration Fee of $325.00 will be invoiced once service determination has been made.  You need to Pay Your Invoice before new service installation will begin. If the new service is installed during the irrigation water season, the water Assessment amount will be prorated to the Turn-On date and billed by separate invoice after your new service installation is completed.

Hook-Up Disclosure Form

About Access

You may have seen our crews moving through your back yard at various times during the year. Please don’t be alarmed! This is all within our normal scope of work. Through provision of easements (described below) irrigation crews do have access across your property to maintain the irrigation delivery system and repair or manage the delivery spigot and pipes to each service installation. The property resident cannot deny or obstruct access to this utility work. While crews are not obligated to give notice, we do try to give the courtesy of at least a knock on your door. If you find a business card in your door or door hanger on the knob, we did try to contact you, but received no response to our knock. Please understand that sometimes even this effort is impossible when chasing water, since water doesn’t wait while we try to make contact.

If our maintenance work involves more than a quick visit, if we must dig to expose pipe or bring in equipment, every effort will be made to give advance notice.

Our crews are easily identifiable in bright Yellow or Orange safety shirts. Our utility and crew trucks are identifiable by the company name on the doors.

About Easements

The Naches-Cowiche Canal Association holds a variety of easements, rights-of-way and other permissions for the operation, maintenance, and repair of its irrigation canals, ditches, and drains – typically extending 10 – 20 feet on both sides of the centerline of the watercourse. In many cases, such permissions are expressly recorded against the properties. Most easements were established in the early years of canal installation, in the late 1880’s when much of the land was orchard or farmland. The easements may be buried in many years of subdivisions and ownership transfers therefore they may not be readily identified on current title reports. In other cases, such rights arise as a matter of “prescriptive” or “implied” rights under Washington real property and water law principles, based upon the Association’s longstanding use of its canals, ditches and pipe systems. Additionally, often landowners, both of present and generations past, granted such access and use rights to the Association on an informal basis, as a matter of neighborly accommodation.

Irrigation easements and rights-of-way typically allow the use of vehicles and equipment within easement areas, as reasonably necessary for irrigators to safely and reliably deliver water to their customers. Further, Washington law recognizes that the scope and methods of exercising easement rights may change over time, consistent with requirements for the use of new technologies, vehicles, and equipment.

There have been instances where the owners of property adjacent to Association canals have installed improvements within, or otherwise obstructed Association access and use within canal easement areas, requiring the Association to remove these improvements in order to properly service the canal system. In such instances, the costs of improvement removal (including repair to the grounds within the easement which would otherwise not have needed to be disturbed) will fall to the property owner.

The best way for canal adjacent property owners to avoid such situations, is to consult with the Association PROIR to installation of fence, landscape feature, or similar improvement within the Association’s easement area. We urge you to incorporate 20 feet of clearance from the centerline of Association canals and ditches, in your planning. Advance consultation is important because the Association understands that its members deserve to make the fullest possible use of their properties, consistent with Association easement rights. We endeavor to. agree on solutions that facilitate both the property owner’s goals and the Association’s legal right to access, operate and maintain its waterways.

Please contact Canal Maintenance to schedule a site consult.
Office 509-457-6214 x 2
Direct 509-930-9001.

Call Before You Dig

WA State Law defines excavation as any operation, including the installation of signs, in which earth, rock, or other material on or below the ground is moved or otherwise displaced by any means.

Anytime you are doing a project that involves excavation, you are required to notify all utility companies that could potentially be affected by your excavation so that they may come out and mark their lines to avoid dangerous and/or costly damages. Rather than calling them all individually, you can simply contact 811, tell us where you are planning to dig, and we will notify all of the various utilities located in that area to come out and mark their lines.

Helpful information:

Dig Safe WA

Guide to Safe Digging booklet

Color Code Guide for Marking

Tutorial on how to submit a ticket to Dig Safe WA

RCW 19.122.020

Need help?  Call (800) 424-5555 

Dig Safe Washington

Service Area

NCCA provides irrigation water service to residential properties in Yakima City generally from 40th Avenue on the west side to Interstate 82 on the east side and the Naches River on the north end to Wide Hollow Creek on the south end. This is not an exclusive territory. Our lines intermingle with those of other irrigation companies and the City of Yakima. There are many instances when NCCA works in cooperation with the City to maintain or upgrade infrastructure of the irrigation lines.

The Yakima City and surrounding area is riddled with small irrigation water groups that will purchase their water from larger irrigation water companies. If you are trying to determine who your irrigation water provider is, the best thing to do may be to ask your neighbor. If your property is located in the Upper Yakima Valley from the Union Gap north, the following list may be helpful.

Within Greater Yakima City

Naches Cowiche Canal Assoc – 509-457-6214 x 1
Broadway Irrigation – (509) 934-2007
City of Yakima – 509-575-6154
Nob Hill Water – 509-966-0272
Fruitvale Schanno – 509-594-8178

40th Ave west into West Valley, Cowiche and Tieton

City of Yakima, 509-575-6154
Nob Hill Water – 509-966-0272
Yakima Valley Canal – 509-966-2300
Yakima Tieton Irrigation District – 509-678-4101
Ahtanum Irrigation District – 509-249-0226

East of Interstate 82

Terrace Heights Irrigation District – 509-985-8981
Roza Irrigation – 509-837-4154
Selah Moxee Irrigation District – 509-469-0449
Fowler Ditch – 509-945-4400

Hwy 12 corridor from 40th Ave to Naches

Gleed Canal – 509-654-7777
Lower Wapatox – 509-654-7777
Naches Union Irrigation District – 509-654-7777
Naches Selah Irrigation District – 509-697-4177
South Naches Irrigation District – 509-653-2600

Selah Area

Wenas Irrigation District– 509-949-2100
Naches Selah Irrigation District – 509-697-4177
Roza Irrigation – 509-837-5141
Selah Moxee Irrigation District – 509-469-0449

Keeping Yakima Green Since 1881

Providing Irrigation Water for Homes and Businesses East of 40th Avenue to I-82